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Enseignement Abénaki

Ally of your story!

An indigenous training centre that teaches authentic Indigenous Knowledge without frontiers and is open to everyone? Absolutely! Explore our remarkable Indigenous training workshops, participate in our professional activities and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of North American Indigenous people with our pioneering team. We guarantee a dignified and truthful experience.

Enseignement Abénaki is the only independent indigenous training centre open year-round, to all in Quebec, founded and managed by Traditional Elders Abenaki teachers from the Odanak Indigenous community. As engaged Traditional Elders living on Indigenous reserve, we are nurtured by a deep knowledge of Abenaki culture. The respectful transmission of our Indigenous Knowledge is supported through our conferences, our atypical educational workshops and our revealing cultural journeys.

Réjean OBomsawin

Jacinthe Laliberté

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Spring 2024

Discover our spring programming to provide you with cultural renewal and personalized sustainable learning!

Current training

History of the Abenaki People, from the ancestral custom to the European


April 30 to June 11, 2024

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Coming up at Enseignement Abénaki

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Abenaki education logo

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Welcome Enseignement Abénaki in your establishments for your projects to raise awareness of indigenous cultures in person or virtually!

What’s up at Center

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We celebrate our 5 years!

2019 - 2024

We are proud and excited to celebrate our fifth founding anniversary with you! Since our establishment, we have worked hard to provide quality services and we are grateful for your continued support.

Would you like to know how our story began? It's this way!

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Why choose Enseignement Abénaki?

Start exploring all your learning possibilities

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Indigenous space

Keep your curiosity active by exploring this Discovery space that Enseignement Abénaki makes available to you online as a member. Discover the fascinating world of the Abenakis, read, watch and learn!

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Indigenous Bookstore

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