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couverture du livre numérique Sang-mêlé


Sang-Mêlé; secrets of the history on the Abénaki territory

BY: Réjean OBomsawin, Jacinthe Laliberté and Maureen Martineau
1st edition in English (2024)

🌿Award of the Literature Prize in 2019

Rare and exclusive book at Enseignement Abénaki.

The exhaustive research done by the authors on the history of the Abenaki band on the ancestral land, especially in oral tradition, made it possible to obtain an extraordinary writing. This book, well illustrated, gives you an exciting story intertwining reality and historical chronicles that will keep you in suspense throughout your reading!


Shortly after the death of her father, a young lady goes in search of an indigenous brother whose parents have hidden the existence from her. This quest will turn into an unexpected expedition to Abenaki land. Spiritual leader Isaac OBomsawin introduced him to a completely different version of Abenaki Indigienous history. But at the end of this journey, the young Stalla Hamel will face an even more troubling truth.


​Exclusive sale at Enseignement Abénaki.
Copyrights protected and Legal deposit at the Bibliothèque et archives nationales du Québec and Library of Canada with ISBN code, French and English.


Readers' appreciation ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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“What a pleasure to read this book! The tone is pleasant and  we devoured it.
We loved the different events from the past mentioned.
Seeing that today Abenaki culture is still present and transmitted warms our hearts.
The transmission of traditions is important for all of us.” 

Yolaine Chauveau and Laurent Garrouste, Rochefort (France)

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